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Check out recent events and general information for your next trip!
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Cape San Blas

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Cape San Blas is a hidden gem located along “The Forgotten Coast” of the Florida Panhandle. The area is considered by many as one of Florida’s Best Secrets, as it is nestled on a long barrier peninsula that runs for 17-miles and divides the St. Joseph Bay from the Gulf of Mexico. Cape San Blas was, until recently, a secret bit of Florida that had not received much attention from home owners or vacationers. Recently, there have been many upscale houses added to the cape and have provided a lot more choice. But don’t think its over crowded. The current building restrictions only allow, at most, three houses per acre. Given that the Cape is primarily a 17 mile thin peninsula. Between the state park taking up 2/3s of the peninsula and the density restrictions, it will never become overbuilt and always provide plenty of room on the beach for your family to have its own space.
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